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Ethics and Safety for Connected and Automated Road Vehicles
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The webinar is organised by the Automotive and Road Transport Systems Technical Network of the IET. It intends to give engineers a better appreciation and understanding of the role of ethics in the safety of Connected and Automated Road Vehicles. 

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Over the last few years, new cars have increasingly been gaining automated driving features to support the human driver and it is widely accepted that in the not-too-distant future cars will be fully self-driving. For a vehicle to recognise the various features of its environment so as to safely travel down the road, the vehicle’s software is required to make perceptive decisions - which are easy for a human to make but much less so for a computer.
This webinar focuses on the ethical decisions that an automated vehicle is required to make; not only the rare, extreme ethical decisions conceptualised in the Trolley Problem, but also the more everyday ethical and safety problems facing self-driving vehicles. Speakers from key stakeholder organisations including academia, car manufacturers and regulators will present their thoughts on the issues faced by automated vehicles and their societal acceptance.

The audience will be encouraged to contribute comments and questions as the webinar will include a substantial moderated discussion where some of the points raised can be explored in more depth.  The Panel will also discuss the role that ethical issues play in safety and in ensuring public trust and desirability of new technologies.


Dr Paula Palade: Digital Manager - Jaguar Land Rover & researcher on Ethics of Connected and Automated Vehicles in collaboration with Bradford University
Dr Paula Palade
Paula holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and works for Jaguar Land Rover as a Digital Manager and in parallel researches the topic of Ethics of Connected and Automated vehicles in collaboration with Bradford University. Paula has published as part of an independent group of experts, in September 2020, a report commissioned by European Commission on Ethics of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs). The report includes 20 recommendations covering dilemma situations, the creation of a culture of responsibility, and the promotion of data, algorithm and AI literacy through public participation.

Paula is a BSI delegate representing Jaguar Land Rover and Automotive Group Expert on the ISO TC241 Road traffic safety management systems WG6 - Guidance on safety ethical considerations for autonomous vehicles.

Paula is a Chartered Engineer with the IET, Chair of the IET Coventry and Warwickshire Local Network and member of the Automotive & Road Transport Systems (ARTS) Executive Committee with the IET and Expert Evaluator for Research and Innovation for the European Commission.

Professor Nick Reed: Reed Mobility
Professor Nick Reed
Prof. Nick Reed has worked at the cutting edge of transportation research for more than fifteen years. From early studies using driving simulators to examine driver behaviour, he has since been instrumental in connected and automated vehicle projects in the UK to the value of more than £50m, including leadership of the GATEway project in Greenwich and the creation of London's Smart Mobility Living Lab.

Nick was Academy Director at TRL (the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory) before becoming Head of Mobility R&D at Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier. He has since founded Reed Mobility – an independent expert consultancy on future mobility topics working across the public, private and academic sectors including projects for the European Commission, TfL, BSI and RSSB.

Dr. Elizabeth Hofvenschioeld: Daimler AG
Dr. Elizabeth Hofvenschioeld

Elizabeth Hofvenschioeld is a futurist and applied ethics practitioner at Daimler AG in Stuttgart, Germany. Her work focuses on the ethics of automated vehicles and she is an active member of the ISO 39003 “Safety Ethical Considerations for Autonomous Vehicles” working group. Elizabeth has a PhD. from the University of the West of Scotland and completed her BSc. and MSc. at University College London.

Date & time
Tuesday 30 November 2021 12:00am GMT
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Tuesday 30 November 2021 1:30am GMT
United Kingdom
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