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Creative Collaboration for Project Professionals
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Projects and programmes of today are more challenging than ever. While technology continues to develop apace, the real challenge for most project professionals is to get people to work together effectively.

The project leader typically has to do this with no line management authority, while dealing with people for whom his or her project is just one of a number of things to work on. Many project teams are split geographically, which just adds to the challenge and brings in even more diversity.

Our speaker, Dr Penny Pullan, suggests that we try creatively engaging our stakeholders, using a facilitative leadership approach. She wrote the first ever Facilitation section in the APM Body of Knowledge (7th Edition), and will bring that to life for us, using creative methods, such as live drawing, and proven tools, such as her Magic 6 TM. And we’ll even get to simulate virtual team working.

While this session will be lots of fun, Penny is deadly serious. If we don’t show leadership and engage others, project professionals might as well go home. Tricky projects and programmes need far more than process and analytical skills. Our profession must move on from outdated methods, bringing new, creative ways of collaborating into our practice.

You can expect a very interactive, facilitative session. Please bring your own ideas and experiences to share. Penny’s hope is that you will leave invigorated to tackle your tricky projects and engage your stakeholders.

Penny contributed the Facilitation (3.1.4) and Virtual Teams (3.2.2) sections of the latest APM Body of Knowledge. An experienced project and programme manager, she has helped others to develop their own creative collaboration and virtual leadership skills for the last 12 years through her consultancy Making Projects Work Ltd. She runs a yearly, open facilitation programme for project professionals: Her next book is due out in 2020 and is entitled: ‘Making Workshops Work: Creative collaboration for our time’’ and contributions are welcome!

This event is organised by APM Northern Ireland Branch
Date & time
Wednesday 12 February 2020 6:00pm GMT
End date & time
Wednesday 12 February 2020 8:30pm GMT
Riddel Hall
Queen’s University Belfast
185 Stranmillis Road
United Kingdom
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