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Bygen: Sustainable and Tailored Activated Carbon Production from Waste
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Bygen is an Adelaide-based company that is commercialising new technology, developed at the University of Adelaide, that allows for the conversion of waste products into high-quality activated carbon. Their technology allows them to produce tailored and sustainable activated carbon at a fraction of the traditional manufacturing cost due to their lower production temperatures, while at the same time opening up the potential for carbon-credits due to their carbon-negative production method. Their products have industry-leading internal surface areas and other quality indicators, opening up improvements in both performance for existing users of activated carbon, as well as facilitating new and exciting applications.

This talk will examine the origins of the technology utilised by the company, as well as giving an analysis of the challenges in commercialising new technologies, including raising capital, overcoming technical challenges, and generating market-fit. They will also provide details of their current and future projects.

Our speaker Lewis Dunnigan is the CEO and co-founder of the environmental technology company 'Bygen'. Lewis holds a Masters degree and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and University of Adelaide, respectively. He is passionate about commercialising innovate new technologies that can help address some of our most pressing environmental issues and has been named in Australia's top 50 small business leaders, as well as being named in the top 10 start-up Founders of the year.
Date & time
Wednesday 4 August 2021 2:00pm ACST
End date & time
Wednesday 4 August 2021 3:00pm ACST
Adelaide, South Australia 5000
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