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Introduction to CAD and CAM with Fusion 360
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Ever wanted to design your product? Are you thinking of starting up a new hobby that is engineering based? Are you a seasoned technologist looking to learn Computer Aided Design and Computer aided Manufacture? This course may be for you! Let us take you through the fundamentals of Fusion 360 CAD and CAM. The skills are transferable and all taught by top level instructors.

This course is geared towards those wanting to use Fusion in conjunction with manual or CNC machines. We also have course with 3D printing focus.

The Team

Being able to share our knowledge of engineering with like-minded people is a very satisfying endeavour. That is why Emvio Engineering and teamed up with AMFORI to bring to you a bite sized course to get you started along the path.

Here is a little biography of the trainers:

Steve Cox,

is a professional engineer with over 34 years experience and Autodesk Authorised Academic Partner and Instructor

After gaining his bachelor’s degree with honours in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University, Steve spent much of his career with Jaguar-Land Rover as an Engineering Manager and Design & Development Project Leader.
To offer his expertise more broadly, Steve started AMFORI in 2015 to provide consultancy services to Small-to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) around digital-engineering (3D printing, 3D production, and 3D design).

Steve has extensive experience in teaching Fusion 360 to groups of all sizes.

George Konstantinidis, PhD, CEng, MIET

is an Chartered engineer with 12 years industrial experience in the worlds largest Oilfield Services company. Currently the managing director of Emvio.

After completing his Ph.D in Bristol, he went on to design and test directional drilling tools ending up leading a small team, while at the same time running Emvio Engineering as a part time hobby. George has been actively working with CNC machines since 2007 when he started converting manual machines to CNC. 3D Printing also became a focus when the technology started becoming accessible. After battling with many a different option on the market to learn CAM, he is now using Fusion 360 exclusively to run his machines, unless he programs them on the controller itself.


In terms of knowledge, not much 😀 basic PC skills would of course be beneficial.

You will need an email address to both purchase a ticket and also register for Fusion 360.

Please bring your own laptop with Fusion 360 preloaded if possible. Otherwise we will get you started. If you need a PC, let us know ahead of time so we can organise something for you.

We will try and tailor the course to your general needs and plenty of help will be on hand to ensure you benefit as much as possible.

The Course

The course will run over 3 days: Thursday 19th to Saturday 21st September. Each day will focus on different aspects of Fusion with the core focus on the needs of engineers, machinists and makers

If time allows, we will always help with a particular question at the end of the day…unless the venue kicks us out.

The plan is as follows:

Day 1

  • Ensure all participants are happy with their software
  • Overview of the philosophy behind Fusion 360
  • Into the good stuff:
    • Datums
    • Sketching parametrically
    • Creating geometry
    • Working with multiple geometries: Bodies and Components
    • Assigning colours and materials to various components
  • Time allowing: Basic sculpting from flat

Day 2

  • Ensure all participants are happy with previous days progress
  • Working in assemblies
    • Moving components
    • Joints
  • Sheet metal design:
    • Geometry creation
    • Flat patterns
  • Basics of drawing
    • Extracting views
    • Title blocks and other text
    • Dimensioning
  • Time allowing: own project support

Date & time
Thursday 19 September 2019 9:00am BST
End date & time
Saturday 21 September 2019 5:00pm BST
The BAWA centre
589 Southmead Rd
Bristol , Avon BS34 7RG
United Kingdom
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Date & time: 19/09/19 09:00:00 BST