Community Events

  • Jun 9

    Behind the scenes Visit to M&S Store Cheshire Oaks

    Location: Ellesmere Port, Cheshire United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    A behind the scenes visit to Marks and Spencer Store, Cheshire Oaks, Cheshire
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  • Jun 15

    SpiNNaker and the Human Brain Project

    Location: Manchester, M13BB United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    Professor Steve Furber will describe the latest developments in research aimed at building a machine that can mimic the biological structure and behaviour of the human brain.
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  • Sep 27

    Accelerating to the speed of light

    Location: Birkenhead, Merseyside CH412TJ United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    A revolutionary accelerator is to use extremely powerful lasers to generate a plasma %E2%80%98the fourth state of matter, to propel electrons at the speed of light and create a high-energy electron beam of industria...

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