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  • Aug 29

    Zurich FabLab Technical Visit

    Date:  29/08/2017 18:00 BST
    Location: 8004 Zurich, Switzerland
    Submitted by: IET Event
    ...come along and see how the Zurich FabLab operates. Checkout the 3D Printers and other latest Design & Fabrication equipment, before maybe having a go yourself.
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  • Sep 23

    S21 - Stuttgart's new main station: building site visit

    Date:  23/09/2017 10:00 BST
    Location: 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
    Submitted by: IET Event
    Why does IET Germany need to know your shoe size???Find out by registering for this technical visit to the new Stuttgart main station building site.
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  • Nov 24

    Tour of the BMW Group Plant in Munich

    Date:  24/11/2017 14:30 GMT
    Location: 80809 Munich, Germany
    Submitted by: IET Event
    In the BMW Group Plant you will get an exciting look behind the scenes of automobile manufacturing. The tour of the BMW Group parent plant takes you through all production areas from the press works to assembly.
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