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  • Jan 31

    A visit to RAF Cosford museum

    Date:  31/01/2018 07:00 GMT
    Location: Cardiff, TF118UP United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    Over 70 aircraft of international importance are housed in three Wartime Hangars and within the National Cold War Exhibition.
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  • Feb 5

    Master Class in Lean Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

    Date:  05/02/2018 08:00 GMT
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Submitted by: Nektarios Karanikas
    Applying Lean in the Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul environment of transport systems is significantly challenging. The University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business and the Aviation Academy of the Amsterdam...
  • Feb 8

    Aviation Development in the Preston Area

    Date:  08/02/2018 10:30 GMT
    Location: Preston, Lancashire PR35AA United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    Since the First World War an amazing amount of aircraft development has taken place in the Preston area - Canberra, TSR2, Jaguar, Tornado, Typhoon ... and what next? We will also hear about the company changes and airfi...
  • Feb 12

    IET Aerospace TPN Young Professionals Avionics Short Presentatio...

    Date:  12/02/2018 00:00 GMT
    Location: Call for Abstracts , United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    The IET Aerospace TPN are organising a?Short Presentations Competition as one of the workshop presentations at Aviation Electronics Europe (AEE) 2018.
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  • Mar 12

    Master Class Risk Assessment

    Date:  12/03/2018 08:00 GMT
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Submitted by: Nektarios Karanikas
    Have you ever been surprised by complexity? Results that were not predictable due to interactions that you hadn’t identified? More importantly: do you want to improve your system and become better prepared next time...
  • Mar 17

    Virgin Orbit Visit

    Date:  17/03/2018 11:15 GMT
    Location: Long Beach, California United States
    Submitted by: IET Event
    Virgin Orbit is at the forefront of hybrid manufacturing, automated flight safety systems, composite structures and ultra-responsive launch operations, cutting edge developments that allows them to offer unpar...
  • Mar 20

    Flight Simulation - the evolution of its role and capability

    Date:  20/03/2018 19:30 GMT
    Location: Stilton, Cambridgeshire PE73RA United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    Flight simulators are essential for both training and for the development of aircraft. Learn about the subject from an expert in the topic.
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  • Mar 22

    Graphene - Its practical uses in aerospace

    Date:  22/03/2018 19:00 GMT
    Location: Barrow, LA141HH United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    Exploitation of Graphene in Aerospace
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  • Apr 16

    Master Class on Incident Investigations

    Date:  16/04/2018 08:00 BST
    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Submitted by: Nektarios Karanikas
    The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is proud to present a master class on Incident Investigations with prof. dr. John Stoop. In this highly interactive, demanding and challenging master class you will be in...
  • May 15

    Air Marshal Trenchard a man of engineering vision; a visit to the Tre...

    Date:  15/05/2018 19:30 BST
    Location: Aylesbury, HP225PG United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    Air Marshal Trenchard recognised the importance of engineering to the RAF. Visit the epoymous museum to see artefacts relating to flying at Halton.
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  • Jun 5

    Metrics for Aviation Safety Management Systems

    Date:  05/06/2018 09:00 BST
    Location: London, WC2R0BL United Kingdom
    Submitted by: IET Event
    A 3-part seminar, the first focusing on the current situation and practice, the second discussing state-of-the-art approaches to safety, and the third presenting new safety metrics.
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