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The IET supports over 100 geographical communities that exist in a number of locations around the world.

Geographical communities are groups of members that come together to deliver a series of activities designed to promote the importance of science, engineering and technology to the general public, encourage young people to enter the professions, and provide opportunities for engineers to share and develop knowledge and network with each other.

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  • The Bangladesh Engineering & Technology Network aims to encourage students and professionals to share knowledge and collaborate for the benefit of science, engineering and technology.  
    Community objectives:Create an engineer...
    • Created: Feb 5 at 9:18am GMT
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  • The Brazil Network has been established to provide a forum for engineers and technologists in the region. Initially the network will meet virtually through MyCommunity but we hope to organize technical events and networking opportu...
    • Created: Apr 5 at 10:04am BST
    • Public
  • The Canadian Prairies Group of Chartered Engineers (CPGCE) is a multi-disciplinary group of members of the UK Engineering Institutions: ICE, IET, IMechE and IStructE, who reside in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territo...
    • Created: Feb 1 at 3:51pm GMT
    • Public
  • A community to assist IET members in transitioning to a career in Canada and to generally promote the IET in Canada.
    • Created: Mar 6 at 3:33pm GMT
    • Public
  • The Channel Islands Group of Professional Engineers is the representative body for the professional engineering institutions in the Channel Islands. We represent a wide range of engineering institutions although our principal sp...
    • Created: May 10 at 4:09pm BST
    • Public
  • This Committee is responsible for the delivery of all IET activities throughout North America, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Greenland.  We have 3200 members in five established networks and a growing list of ne...
    • Created: May 10 at 9:55am BST
    • Public
  • This Committee is responsible for the delivery of all IET activities throughout the Asia Pacific region.

    The committee members of the CC-AP are:
    Dr Karla Smith (New Zealand) [Chairperson of CC-AP]
    Mr Thomas Yi [Senior Staff Member]...
    • Created: May 10 at 10:20am BST
    • Public
  • The Communities Committee United Kingdom (CC-UK) is responsible for the delivery of all IET activities throughout England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
    • Created: Mar 1 at 9:21pm GMT
    • Public
  • Europe, Middle East and Africa Communities Committee are responsible for supporting engineers and technologists in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in delivering events and other networking opportunities to benefit the SET comm...
    • Created: Mar 8 at 7:49pm GMT
    • Public
  • An online area for engineers, engineering students and interested individuals or group of individuals to discuss, organise and engage in activities in Ghana.
    • Created: Jul 19 at 1:53pm BST
    • Public
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