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Communities in this category have been created to focus on a particular subject or group of people not covered by the other categories.

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  • This is a forum for volunteers from the Local Networks in the Americas region to come together, share experiences and best practice.  This forum will also act as a channel for communication between CCA and the LNs in the region.
    • Created: Apr 11 at 10:18am BST
    • 34 Members
    • Private
  • This Community is established to bring together the delegates from the Asia Pacific CVC, to exchange informatioin and follow up on issues raised at the CVC.

    Click here for the webpage of the AP CVC.
    • Created: Nov 21 at 10:35am GMT
    • 83 Members
    • Private
  • Antennas and Propagation Network
    The Antennas and Propagation Network covers all aspects of the theory and design and modelling of antenna systems.
  • A private group for our online community owners and admins to ask questions, seek guidance and advice on how to manage and develop their online communities.
    • Created: May 1 at 7:50pm BST
    • 732 Members
    • Private
  • Online community group for the IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship holders.

    • Created: Jan 17 at 3:13pm GMT
    • 38 Members
    • Private
  • Synthetic biology is a young and interdisciplinary field of research in the life sciences. It is already revolutionising a number of fields using tools and concepts from physics, engineering and computer science to build new biologi...
    • Created: Jun 30 at 11:16am BST
    • 17 Members
    • Public
  • An online area for engineers with dyslexia to discuss technical problems and how to live with it.
  • Our Enterprise Partners are entrepreneurial and innovative SME's who are committed to professionalism and are seeking to be part of the IET community. This is a private group for our Partners to engage, facilitate and build their net...
    • Created: Jul 1 at 4:01pm BST
    • 3 Members
    • Private
  • Welcome to the Horizontal Innovation™ Community - an online meeting place for everyone with an interest in the effective transfer and application of pre-existing technologies and knowledge from one industrial sector, to help meet...
  • The Author community is a space for anyone with an interest in publishing their work in Engineering and Physics fields. Whether you’ve never published your work before or you’re an experienced author, we welcome questions, discussio...
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