Radar17 A Big Success – So Why No Active TPN?

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After attending Radar17 in beautiful Belfast and seeing the number of engaged interested attendees, it got me wondering why am I finding it so difficult to get the Radar, Sonar and Navigation Technical and Professional Network active and an Executive Committee to lead on this.   

With over 300 attendees hearing three days of talks, my thinking is that there must be 8-10 people who can help me kick start this TPN?    
‘Well, what is a TPN and what do I get from this deal’ I hear you ask? 
 TPNs are an integral part of the IET’s strategy. Their aims include: providing high-level technical content; supporting the IET's knowledge portfolio; and giving members important networking opportunities. They are specialist communities led by executives that generate activities, such as physical events and online discussions, to support the understanding of engineers working within their respective sector. As well as helping the IET to stay ahead of the curve, they can also help participants raise their professional profiles and extend their professional networks.  You can achieve wider recognition within your field;  gain more awareness of recent developments;  network and make new connections;  count your activity towards CPD; be affiliated with a professional international body 

For this TPN, you also get to work alongside me.

Find more out about TPNs.

Fine out more here, and if you are interested in getting involved and building this community, please get in touch.   I would love to hear from you.
Posted by Lynsay Callaghan on Oct 27, 2017 1:47 PM Europe/London

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