Can You Send A Teacake Into Space?

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The cake theme just won't go away!  As unintentional as this was, some Friday afternoon fun.

The question that has been on everyones lips since its arrival in 1956, can you send a Tunnocks Teacake into space?  Other teacakes are available, but clearly inferior and will not be tolerated.  Glasgow Science Centre decided to put this to the test and find out.
Initial Testing

Not looking good for the teacake.

Lauch from Houston (Renfrewshire)


Don't try this at home (and you might want to skip a few hours to find out the answer).

Have a great weekend.  


Videos from Glagow Science Center YouTube page and Facebook page
Posted by Lynsay Callaghan on Oct 13, 2017 2:59 PM Europe/London

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