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Have you ever wondered what it's like being a Community Manager at the IET? What we get up to? How we keep on top of everything? How we help our volunteers to tell the world how great Engineering really is? Subscribe to this Blog to follow the highs, the lows, the weird, the wonderful and sometimes surprising side of life at Michael Faraday House and beyond!

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Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts For An Engineer? 5744

This is in no way related to my job at all, but I wanted to share  12 perfect gifts for engineers on Valentine's Day  (looks like it has been sponsored by Amazon, but hey ho). The levitating flower pot is a favourite. There's also a nice little poem at the end :o)

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Radar17 A Big Success – So Why No Active TPN? 5511

After attending Radar17 in beautiful Belfast and seeing the number of engaged interested attendees, it got me wondering why am I finding it so difficult to get the Radar, Sonar and Navigation Technical and Professional Network active and an Executive Committee to lead on this.    With over 300 attendees hearing three days of talks, my thinking is that ...

Team meetings and #winning 5497

As the newly restructured Communities and Events team, we had our first big team meeting yesterday   We’ve had a few of these meetings and it always surprises me just how many of us there are in the team 

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Cake-ing The Theme Going 5482

I’m not as good at punning as the rest of my colleagues, so to keep the cake theme going I thought I’d post a photo of one I made earlier*

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Can You Send A Teacake Into Space? 5476

The cake theme just won't go away!  As unintentional as this was, some Friday afternoon fun. The question that has been on everyones lips since its arrival in 1956, can you send a Tunnocks Teacake into space?  Other teacakes are available, but clearly inferior and will not be tolerated.  Glasgow Science Centre decided to put this to the test and find out.

What's the fastest cake in the world?....... 5470

'Scone' ..... Sorry, couldn't resist it and it still makes me giggle to myself!  I'm Hedy and I'm a new Community Manager covering for Phoebe's maternity leave.  I wasn't named after Hedy Lamarr but I am always tempted to say that I was and proceed to tell the story that she wasn't just a pretty face but also an inventor of frequency hopping that was used in ...

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