Dr Feng, CEng: Making A Difference To Engineers In China

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During his own personal CEng registration journey, Feng Deng-Chao was invited to train as an IET Professional Registration Interviewer (PRI), so that he could go on to support other professional engineers in his region. 

Dr Feng Deng-Chao CEng is a distinguished research fellow in China Institute of Industrial Technology in China Science and Technology City and an associate professor at the North China Institute for Aerospace Engineering, where he has worked as the Director of the Integrated Application Lab of remote sensing, GNSS and GIS for close to a decade. A graduate of Tianjin University, he completed his PhD in 2008 for research in fields including flight safety in low altitude airspace, the construction of a three dimensional aerial corridor and pattern recognition technology. 

The importance of professional registration: international standards and recognition

Feng first heard about the IET in 2016, when the institute’s human resources department informed the teachers that they were eligible for IET membership. Learning about the organisation and what it could offer, Feng was quick to recognise the importance of professional registration and began his application for Chartered Engineer (CEng) almost straight away. 

It took Feng eight months to go through the entire CEng application process, including interview and assessment. During this time he says he came to appreciate the IET’s rigorous assessment process and was grateful for the constructive feedback he was given regarding his research, management, teamwork and continuous professional development.

“Over that time I gradually began to see what professional registration could provide: international standards and recognition within the industry. It was a real honour to achieve CEng and it has really encouraged me to move forward in the field of engineering management and research."

It was tough to achieve, with a series of training and interviews to go through, but CEng is really valuable and I feel very lucky to have this title, in addition I felt the love and dedication that came from this big ‘family’ of professionals and became very interested in training to be an IET volunteer myself.” 


Volunteering as an IET Professional Registration Interviewer (PRI) has helped Dr Feng support fellow engineers in China with their registration journey

Feng was very happy when the opportunity to become a PRI presented itself to him whilst he was going through his CEng application process. “At the beginning of January 2017, I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in PRI training in Beijing after submitting my résumé to become an IET volunteer. I thought it was really amazing that we were offered this training for free. I learnt a lot, including interview skills and the correct professional registration application methods,” he says. “In addition, I also made some new friends.”

Now his training is complete, Feng can help fellow engineers in the Hebei province of China with their professional registration journeys. Going forward, he hopes to continue becoming more actively involved in the IET, and in the future potentially take on other volunteer roles within the organisation. 
Posted by Kim Letchford on Mar 27, 2018 1:52 PM Europe/London

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