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I'm Rebecca Northfield and I write for E&T Magazine. Here is the online version of my blog where I explore the weird and wonderful world of strange gadgetry. Take a look and see if you think the same. laughONWARDS!


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Weirdness from the 60s: Giant vibrators, hat with holes, helmet head massager and robot cat 5256

Some awesome things were invented in the 1960s, like the lava lamp. And then there are the truly awful gadgets, which seem to have been thought up in the midst of a drug haze...

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Talking Pot, Car Cot, Imaginary Menus And Victorian Vehicle Device 5211

Here is another load of gadgetry I’ve dug up, so if you want to make your life lazier and stranger with this curious collection, go for it.   

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Synthetic Kisses, Sexist DIY, Touring Teddy Bears And Cat Lickers 5180

This instalment of the Bizarre blog shows that there is always someone who will spend their money on whatever seems like a good idea at the time. Like licking your pet. Yummers.  

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