New Insights Into Particle Accelerators

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If you specialise in particle accelerators, you’ll know there is more to their capabilities than you see in the news.
The Large Hadron Collider has made headlines for enabling ground-breaking scientific discoveries. But there are many more particle accelerators – approximately 35,000 around the world – that are contributing to our scientific knowledge, as well as working behind the scenes in our everyday lives. 

To bring you up to date on accelerator science and its applications, we’ve pulled together a series of videos below.

The future of particle accelerators

Scientists and engineers at STFC Daresbury Laboratory discuss the areas that they are focusing on for accelerator research and development.

How are particle accelerators currently being used?

Hear from healthcare professionals and researchers at STFC Daresbury Laboratory on how they are using particle accelerators to fight cancer.

Learn more about the various industrial and commercial processes that rely on particle accelerators – from cargo inspection to water treatment.

International projects
Our series wouldn’t be complete without a look at some of the largest and most powerful particle accelerators, which promise new discoveries and applications.

For more in-depth learning and training on particle accelerators:
Join us for our two-day Particle Accelerator Engineering Network Annual Event.
As well as contributing to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), the event is an opportunity to meet academic and industry experts in acceleration science and engineering.

Posted by Kim Letchford on Jul 10, 2018 8:41 AM Europe/London

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