The Key Role Of Test Rigs In Power Electronics, Motors And Drives In The Engineering Industry

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Test rigs for PEMD
The Power Electronics, Motors and Drives test rigs have a key role to play in the engineering industry from R&D through to end of line production tests. As such, their significance and effort that goes into their creation should not be overlooked.
Whether you’re involved in designing, proving or making motors, magnetic components, power electronics or drives, Vladimir Shirokov, an electrical engineer at Rolls-Royce, points out that you should be aware of the importance test rigs play in technical developments. 

Understand the value of test rigs
“Test rigs provide a valuable insight into how a technology operates in a representative environment. It limits the risk associated with introducing new technology compared to in-situ testing on the final platform. Their purpose is lowering the risk involved in introducing new technologies by building enough credibility to comfortably and safely take the next step, which is testing the technology on a production prototype. It is an intermediate step, but provides a lot of credibility to the technology.”
Keep on top of upcoming technologies
Shirokov believes that in order to keep abreast of upcoming technological advances, engineers shouldn’t just be looking at the latest product releases, but also at what’s taking place within the testing realms.
“Whilst new products and releases are getting a lot of attention through news articles and publications, the engineering community should keep an eye out on publications of new technologies test rig results,” he advises. “That way the community is aware of what technologies are likely to be part of future products.”
Creation of test rigs are more frequently becoming projects in their own right, with their own challenges to face and problems to overcome. Shirokov notes that although there are many challenges, the most distinct one is to find the right balance of representative environment of the final platform, “whilst maintaining simplicity and sustaining safety”.
Test rigs set to grow in importance thanks to hardware developments
He also notes that test rigs are set to grow in importance over the coming years due to a growth in new hardware developments.
“There are a lot of new technologies emerging. In the past decade we have seen the internet and its software evolve very rapidly with all of the apps, social media and service platforms. However in parallel we have seen a steady increase of new hardware appear.”
“In my opinion the next decade will be dominated by a large increase in new hardware introduction – for example, just take a look at growth of the electric vehicle market right now. New hardware will need testing and therefore I’m sure we will see a large increase in rig demonstrators across a wide variety of industries.”

Posted by Sophie Jeffrey on Nov 16, 2017 2:44 PM Europe/London

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