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A view of life (it's hard) the Universe (it's quite big and mostly full of emptiness) science (it's just as hard as life but with more maths) and technology (the good, the bad and the ugly) from the perspective of a highly harassed technician, which admittedly might be skewed. They say the glass is half empty- experience tells me to check whether or not that glass is cracked and leaking, and check exactly what it's half full of. Prepare for strangeness.

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Back And Ranting! 4997

I haven't put up anything on this blog for some considerable time. It's because I'm overworked......long string of excuses...moans about things.....bit of a whinge......and lazy. However I'm back and I'm ranting about a recent debate on the moon landings. Well, I say debate. Some of the people did not have the brainpower that could be supplied by one ...

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The Trouble With Intelligent Machines Is That They Create Brainless People. 3885

How an over-reliance on the big red button is leading us to our doom. Ish.  

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The Friday Cartoon. 3747

The stuff they never mentioned in Classical Studies lessons..........

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The Friday Cartoon. 3710

Artificial Intelligence

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