Ten Important Things You’re Gaining From Professional Development

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Trying to find the motivation to get off your sofa and head down to an IET Local Network event? Or perhaps you’re questioning whether you should have taken on that extra project at work, or agreed to attend that two-day conference? Well here are ten reasons why it’s worth putting time and effort into your professional development.

Professional development will always be a part of your career, whether in the form of initial professional development (IPD) or continuing professional development (CPD), as there’s always something left to learn.
Professional development can take many forms and can provide many benefits, but here’s our top ten.

1) A better future

Your professional development is about you. Invest in it, and you are investing in your future.

2) Knowledge

You become informed and informative by keeping abreast of new developments in your chosen field(s).

3) A wider skill set

You evolve into a ‘plug and play’ engineer and are less likely to be pigeonholed. By constantly updating your skill set, you can cope with continuous challenges and change. 
4) Value as an engineer

Your value grows, both to yourself as an engineer and the company or institution you work for.
5) Relevance

You stay relevant and employable with transferable knowledge and attributes.
6) Credibility and confidence

You can visualise your progression towards your goals. Track your learning and cultivate credibility and confidence in yourself.
7) A better appreciation of your work

Your work as a professional evolves through continued learning and networking, nurturing a profound appreciation of the implications and impacts of your work.
8) Team and management skills

You become a key team member. As you become more effective, you can advance into new positions where you can inform, inspire and influence others through motivating, managing and mentoring.
9) Soft skills

Soft skills such as communication, project management and conflict resolution and a host of other skills will make you more effective in the workplace and marketable to new employers.
10 ) Recognition

You gain recognition amongst your colleagues and peers.

Find out how more about how you can develop professionally with the IET on our website.

By John Ging, Keri Allan and David Aylett. 

Posted by David Biggins on Dec 12, 2016 11:25 AM Europe/London

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