Career Hacks

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Our Career Hacks blog offers practical advice and tips on how you can work towards becoming a professionally registered engineer, such as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or an Engineering Technician (EngTech).

Discover the top ten career hacks.

Latest Posts

  • We’re looking for more IET Mentors – can you help?
    Every year we run ‘Mentoring Awareness Week’ at the IET to raise awareness of the benefits of mentoring, and this year we’re looking for more IET Mentors! read more...
  • Professional registration myths debunked
    Think you can’t apply for Chartered Engineer (CEng) until you’re 30? Or perhaps you’ve been put off applying for any professional registration status because you’ve heard it takes too long or you think you need a specific qualification? We’ve come across a few misunderstandings in our time, so we have decided to set the record straight and disprove some of those crazy professional registration myths.   read more...
  • IET Apprentice of the Year Award – open for entries!
    The IET Apprentice of the Year award gives employers the chance to recognise the work of exceptional engineering apprentices.   The IET Apprentice of the Year Award offers scheme coordinators and supervisors the opportunity to put forward an engineering apprentice they feel should be recognised for making a substantial contribution to the business.   The award is open to all apprentices on at least the second year of an IET approved apprenticeship scheme, who have made a substantial contribution to the development of a new product, service, or process and have shown exceptional commitment to engineering or technology, through their technical and professional development.   read more...
  • How To Choose Your Short And Long-term Career Goals
    Setting career goals, both short- and long-term, is not as hard as it might initially seem. Sometimes the idea of formulating a plan feels just too big to tackle and so we do nothing at all. Bad idea. There are small and simple steps you should be taking that will help you plan out what you need to focus on – now, as well further down the line.   When considering career goals there are three key questions you need to ask yourself, according to John Lees, author of The Success Code.   First ask “What kind of work do I find stimulating or inspiring?” Focus on the activities that make work feel worth doing on a cold Monday morning. Next ask “What organisational problems are visible?” This might be inside your present organisation or a target employer.   Finally ask “How can I exploit this?” Thinking in terms of projects and organisational needs is a constructive form of career planning. read more...
  • Ten Important Things You’re Gaining From Professional Development
    Trying to find the motivation to get off your sofa and head down to an IET Local Network event? Or perhaps you’re questioning whether you should have taken on that extra project at work, or agreed to attend that two-day conference? Well here are ten reasons why it’s worth putting time and effort into your professional development.   read more...