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This is my little piece of the web. I will share with you some of my thoughts about tech world all mixed in with my parenting thoughts. I'm an open source fan, and I highly believe in the power of educational software. I hope you will like what you read.

Latest Posts

  • Increase Your ROI Using The Right Software Tools
    The most exciting part of making an investment is getting the return of money you were hoping for. And if you want this to be the case, you should always aim at using some of the available software that is guaranteed to increase your ROI read more...
  • Picking The Right Tools For Building Your Small Business
    Small businesses (SMBs) do not have it easy in the today’s economic climate. They cannot compete with big enterprises in terms of available resources, yet they must gain an edge in order to survive and eventually thrive.   read more...
  • Introducing WordPress 4.6
    Most professional bloggers are well familiar with WordPress and, according to the latest statistic, more than 26 percent of all websites on the internet are powered by this platform. This makes every change to WordPress a serious thing. In order not to let anything surprise our readers, we’ve decided to make a short debrief of recent updates to WordPress 4.6, which we had a privilege of seeing in its beta version. read more...
  • Everyday Tech Hacks
    Technology became an integral part of our lives. Its purpose is to entertain us and make us more productive. Unfortunately, computers, smartphones, operating systems and programs don’t come with a book of small hacks that can make their use even more efficient. In this article we gathered some of the hacks you won’t find in manuals and ’ReadMe.txt’ files.   read more...
  • Business Software Brands to Watch
    We could say that in today's business world it is difficult to gain an upper hand over the competition and stand out from the crowd. It is even more difficult for numerous software companies, because this market seems denser than any other, with more than 100 000 software companies in the USA alone. read more...