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This is my little piece of the web. I will share with you some of my thoughts about tech world all mixed in with my parenting thoughts. I'm an open source fan, and I highly believe in the power of educational software. I hope you will like what you read.

Latest Posts

  • 4 Online Security Threats Your Business Is Likely To Face In 2018
    Cybersecurity continues to be the top concern for everyone in the online world. The main reason is that cyberattacks multiply in number and are becoming much more sophisticated each year. While new threats arise, companies struggle to maintain their security measures and prevent breaches that can potentially ruin their business as a whole. read more...
  • Going Mobile in 2017: The Importance of Mobile Optimization for Websites
    As a business, establishing your social media presence is extremely important, but this doesn’t mean that a Facebook page should in any way be a replacement for your website. Why? Well, in addition to a variety of downsides, without a proper website, people simply won’t take you seriously – if you aren’t on Google, you practically don’t exist. However, existing on Google in a mobile-friendly way is exactly what it’s all about. Here’s just how important website mobile optimization is. read more...
  • How To Develop A Bulletproof Content Marketing Plan
    Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques at the moment. The concept is more than 100 years old, but the vast use of content marketing in brand promotion became popular in the Digital Era. Since digital tech also provided us with the advanced analytics tools, we can now easily test and adapt our content strategies. An elaborate content plan is necessary for the correct implementation of the content marketing techniques. Since 2017 will bring more competition, entrepreneurs will need to focus on creating more relevant content. The best way they can do this is by improving and updating their content marketing plans. In this article, we have presented the easiest way to create a bulletproof content marketing plan in just 5 steps. read more...
  • How to Securely Store your Files in the Cloud With the Right Tools
    According to the   2015 Cyberthreat Defence Report , about 58% of users operate on average 3-4 device on a daily basis. In order for people to gain access to certain files and documents regardless of their physical location ,  many decide to move their business on the cloud. read more...