The Importance Of Maintaining A High Work Safety Level


While terms like productivity and profit get mentioned much more often, there is nothing more important than safety.

Now, before you dismiss this statement as something solely altruistic, the truth is that safety impacts both productivity and profitability of your company. For instance, a valuable employee on a sick leave is a situation which can cause a productivity drop, while an expensive lawsuit might drive your company into the ground. These two hypothetical situations are just the tip of the iceberg of all the reasons why you want to maintain your work-safety at an all-time high.

Productivity boost

The first and probably the most obvious reason to maintain a high work safety level lies in achieving a productivity boost. While some environments may be safer than others (construction site vs. office), there is no 100 percent safe workspace. Just the idea that there is an apparent looming danger lingering above their head might be enough to scare some of your employees. There is a statistic that a happy employee works 12 percent better, which, more or less, proves that morale has a massive impact on one’s performance.

Identifying major hazards

In order to make your office safer, you don’t have to review every minor hazard that could potentially occur there. However, you are legally obliged to provide health insurance to your employees, as well as to identify all the major hazards that are generated in the work activity and put them in a safety statement. This document represents your plan of handling these potentially dangerous situations in a way that is safe for your employees.

In addition, it is also important to provide your employees with the right protective equipment. From quality noise cancelling ear protection to hazmat suits and goggles. That way you can provide optimal, hazard-free working conditions for your employees.

Reducing absenteeism

In the introduction, we mentioned that having an absent employee may cause a significant productivity drop, and the rate at which this happens might just be in a direct correlation with the environment. This is mostly due to the fact that inadequate office temperature, strong commercial cleaners and similar problems may cause your employees to get sick more often. Same goes for buildings that are built before the 1980s – they often have pipes made of asbestos or lead. Getting rid of some of these issues is, therefore, both pragmatic and a humane thing to do.

Hiring and retaining talent

One of the greatest myths in the corporate world is that the employees only care about the salary. In fact, employees are more likely to abandon a company due to a bad boss or horrible working conditions than anything else. If an employee believes that they work in an inadequate environment and that their health or life are endangered on a daily basis, due to your own negligence or lack of interest, they might abandon you as soon as they get the opportunity. Who knows, this might be a staff member your business simply can’t function without.


As you can see, the safety level of your workplace is important to both your employees and your company as a whole. Not only does showing that you care benefits your overall image, it also brings you some immediate results, that can make these procedures worth your while in the short-run. Finally, the last thing you need to keep in mind is that postponing dealing with these issues isn’t a smart course of action, seeing as how it will get harder and harder as your company grows. On the other hand, setting right safety standards as the foundation of your company right away might save you a lot of trouble further down the line.

Blog GabbyDi 02/03/2019 10:55pm GMT