2019 Startup Essentials

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Launching a startup can change your life forever. But for that to be the case, it’s absolutely necessary that you set your start with the essentials in place.
You’ve surely heard so many stories about people who made a fortune by launching a startup and chances are you’re thinking about trying to do the same. In order to get a shot at success in the business world, you need to make sure you get everything right from day one. That being said, here are five essentials that can help your startup prosper in 2019.


Take advantage of automation

For startups, automation is one of the most important ingredients for success. Small businesses usually lack the capabilities large companies have and have to rely on technology rather than hiring more employees. Automation allows you to make better use of your team members and put your time and energy to better use. Luckily, there are so many automation systems that are exactly what startups need. For example, instead of having to hire a marketing expert to write personalized emails to your customers, you can simply get an email marketing automation system. Other useful systems you can consider investing in are payroll automation system and social media automation system.

Have a well-designed website

You’d be surprised by how many businesses out there still don’t have a website. And since most people now turn to a search engine when looking for a product or service, you need to make sure you’re not one of them. So, as soon as you open for business, you need to build a website and have an online presence. Since setting up a website requires you to know a lot about coding, it’s recommended that you have professionals get the job done for you. Another good idea is to optimize your website for mobile users since most of us now browse the web using a smartphone or tablet.

Create the perfect startup office

It’s safe to say that the way you design your office has a huge impact on how successful your startup is going to be. Not only that your office design can determine how productive you and your employees are but it can also inspire you to be more creative. With the effects of office design being so valuable for your business, you should try your best to create a perfect startup office. This includes providing everyone with a quality workstation and eliminating all the noise that can cause stress. Another important thing to do is get comfy office furniture that won’t cause back pain. Letting in more natural light can also result in better performance.


Research your competition

If you want your startup to survive, you simply have to be aware of what your competitors are doing. Luckily, researching your competition has never been easier. All you need to do is keep an eye on your competitors’ websites and social media pages. This is where they’ll announce any big changes in the way they operate. Of course, if you’re willing to invest more money in competitive research, you can hire experts who’ll be able to keep track of your competitors’ progress and compare it with how well your startup is doing. Just bear in mind that you can learn a lot from both good and bad examples from your competitors.

Talk to your customers

Your customers are your most valuable asset and hearing what they have to say is an absolute must. That being said, you should start communicating with them as soon as you put up that “open for business sign.” Pay some extra attention to their opinions of your product or service. Ideally, you’ll be able to use comments to come up with ways to improve your operations and grow your business. And technology we use in 2019 makes communicating with your customers extremely easy. For instance, we recommend going through all the messages you receive on your startup’s Facebook and Instagram page.

Launching a startup can change your life forever. But for that to be the case, it’s absolutely necessary that you set your start with the essentials in place. Do everything we talked about earlier and there should be nothing stopping you from getting your startup off to a great start. Also, don’t forget that this is only the beginning. Once your business is up and running, it’s time to start growing your business and increasing your profits.

Posted by Gabriella Diesendorf on Feb 4, 2019 10:25 AM Europe/London

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