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This is my little piece of the web. I will share with you some of my thoughts about tech world all mixed in with my parenting thoughts. I'm an open source fan, and I highly believe in the power of educational software. I hope you will like what you read.

Latest Posts

  • 4 Online Security Threats Your Business Is Likely To Face In 2018
    Cybersecurity continues to be the top concern for everyone in the online world. The main reason is that cyberattacks multiply in number and are becoming much more sophisticated each year. While new threats arise, companies struggle to maintain their security measures and prevent breaches that can potentially ruin their business as a whole. read more...
  • Smart Home: Turn Your Home into a High-Tech Paradise
    People today are so reliant on technology that it’s no surprise that it’s finding its way into our homes. If you find an idea of having a smart home to go with your smartphone and smart car, here are some of the advancements you can introduce to your home. read more...
  • Are High-Quality Laptops A Sound Choice For Engineers?
    Without a solid computer, modern engineers can’t perform their job successfully. They are tools of the trade for these professionals, and have to be able to handle very demanding tasks. The high-end market for engineering laptops is alive and well, despite some downward trends. The only problem is that laptops tend to be stuck in the middle of the road between performance and convenience. Not everyone likes to make compromises, so is it possible to get the best of the both worlds? read more...
  • 5 Ideas On How To Tech Up Your Car
    The cars available on the market today tend to be quite tech-savvy. There are lane departure alarms, driving assistance, infotainment centers and many other things that can make drivers safer or make their time on the road more fun. Still, not all of us can afford a brand-new car with all the latest technologies in the industry. Luckily, there are ways you can tech up your car and turn it into a car of the future everyone will envy. Therefore, we present to you 5 ideas that are going to help you tech up your car.   read more...
  • The Benefits Of Financing Your Upcoming Projects With A Loan
    Getting a loan to finance your upcoming projects has many benefits. You will have an opportunity to take an advantage of any opportunity that comes your way and grow your business accordingly.    read more...