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IET Harvey Prize Winner Announced 5627
Cancer has become the third most likely cause of death worldwide. Presently cancer is killing 8.5 million people per year and by 2030, this number is estimated to reach 12 million.
Added by La Toya Walls
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Society Insights December 2017 - The Internet Of Space, G.Fast And The Smart Street 5615
This month we are looking at some of the different topics our Local Networks have been discussing. Topics include the Internet of space and how can the interlinking of satellites and mega-constellations benefit us? Also, are we on the verge of getting some of the fastest upload and download speeds? And back down at ground level, how is The Smart ...
Added by Shaun Muncer
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From Apprentice Technician To IET Fellow At 39, IET Member Paul Meenan Takes Us On His Emotional Journey! 5614
Paul Meenan is an engineer on a mission to share knowledge and learn. This mission has taken him from being an apprentice electrician to recently becoming an IET Fellow at the age of 39. 
Added by Carl Resch
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Impossible Proven Possible By Innovation Awards 2017 Winners 5583
London was alive with a mass of glitzy dresses, black-ties and a Mad Hatter at The Brewery, London, on 15 November to find out who had won one of the industry’s top accolades – an IET Innovation Award.
Added by La Toya Walls
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IET White Paper - Cookies, Fake News And Single Search Boxes: The Role Of A&I Services In A Changing Research Landscape 5577
The following is an excerpt from a new White Paper published by the IET on the growing importance of A&I databases. Librarians and researchers shared their thoughts on how they use search tools for academic research and highlighted the differences between curated resources and general search engines.
Added by Steve Benveniste
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The Key Role Of Test Rigs In Power Electronics, Motors And Drives In The Engineering Industry 5561
The Power Electronics, Motors and Drives test rigs have a key role to play in the engineering industry from R&D through to end of line production tests. As such, their significance and effort that goes into their creation should not be overlooked.
Whether you’re involved in designing, proving or making motors, magnetic components, power ...
Added by Sophie Jeffrey
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