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Happy Talk 1909
Do you remember that annoying number one hit Happy Talk? It was sung by a reformed punk now known as Captain Sensible. Well, your Trustees were doing a lot of happy talking, led by your President, William Webb. I’ve known him a long time, but not long enough to know if went through a punk phase….

Added by Alan Watts
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Stop with the hard hats and overalls already! 1869
Well-intentioned journalism is being let down by a poor choice of accompanying images, perpetuating a distorted image of engineering
I have a bit of a rant brewing, and unfortunately, it is against some of the better informed, most well intentioned proponents of engineering and technology in the media today. 
Added by Abbie Hutty
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Cake Cutting and Ferraris 1788
November means just one thing to your Trustee Board – annual IET business planning round. We have the large IET cake and we need to decide how to cut it up. Did anyone binge out and eat too much? And why did the plush surroundings nearly do for one Trustee?

Added by Alan Watts
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Turnover Trustees 1638
Beethoven may have rolled over, but this month our Trustees turned over. Or at least nearly half of them did. So it was like the first day at school with dazed Trustees, complete with new school bags and over sized school uniforms wandering around and wondering what was going to happen.

Added by Alan Watts
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IET Communities Content: 10 Of The Best 1627
Now that the 2013/14 IET Communities session has ended I have collated some of the best content that our Communities have created over the last year. Here is my top 10 but please feel free to add any others in the comments below:
Added by Steve Benveniste
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Trustee End of Term Party 1515
Party hats, silly games, too much beer and unspeakable things with the photocopier. Is this your idea of what the end of term party for your Trustees was like?

Well if so, I suggest you'd probably better not read on .....
Added by Alan Watts
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