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  • A Snickers Day
    In the UK, Snickers bars used to be called Marathons and this is what the March Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting turned out to be for some of us.  March is one of the three days when the main boards and Council meet before the BOT so for yours truly and a lot of others the day starts at 1000 and finishes at about 1930 for a much-needed dinner.   read more...
  • Sun, Sea and …. The IET Plan
    As alliterations go, Sun, Sea and the IET Plan doesn’t really work very well. But that’s what my last few weeks have consisted of. Curious to find out why? Well don’t worry, I haven’t included my holiday snaps. read more...
  • I'm Still Standing
    Well can you believe it - half way through my term as an IET VP and I'm still standing. Elton would be proud of me. So what, electrifying business did your Trustees conduct last night on your behalf? Stick on your headphones and read on ... read more...
  • Blondie Goes to Birdcage
    Well did you ever think you'd see the day - when Blondie went to One Birdcage Walk? Well, sadly she didn't, but if she had she'd have been singing her 1978 hit - hanging on the telephone. This may have been a slightly farcical interlude, but in fact your Trustees had a very productive end of term meeting. read more...
  • It’s an AGM Jim – But Not as We Know It
    Being a Trustee is both serious and fun. But sometimes you see things which just don’t appear to be working right in the Institution – and yet we keep doing them, it seems like since 1871. One can only wonder what Mr Spock would make of our IET AGM, but it’s certainly not boldly going anywhere, never mind the final frontier. Or is it? read more...