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  • Will Dilbert Join the Board of Trustees?
    I've talked before about just how good this year's crop of Trustees is (with the clear exception of your humble scribe) but rumours now abound that they are going to be enhanced further - and providing some very genuine diversity to boot. Are we about to have our first comic strip Trustee?   read more...
  • Have You Tried Switching It Off and On Again?
    We all know that the way to fix absolutely every IT problem is simple - just switch if off and on again! We've all watched the IT Crowd of course. But did this trick work when your Trustees considered fixing the IET's ageing IT systems........     read more...
  • The Boring Old Stick-in-the-Muds
    Bet you thought your Trustees were a very conservative, not very exciting bunch of stick-in-the-muds. Well sometimes, we might surprise you! read more...
  • Aaagh - I don't know what young people are coming to
    "Aaaagh - kids these days, I don't know what young people are coming to - it wasn't like that in my day". We've all heard them say it when we were young - and then suddenly a few years have passed and it's us saying it! So talk about daja vu all over again, when the Board of Trustees turned its mind to what's going on with our Young Professionals. read more...