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  • A Snickers Day
    In the UK, Snickers bars used to be called Marathons and this is what the March Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting turned out to be for some of us.  March is one of the three days when the main boards and Council meet before the BOT so for yours truly and a lot of others the day starts at 1000 and finishes at about 1930 for a much-needed dinner.   read more...
    Well, after 3 years of being an IET Vice President and also writing this blog, now I finally get to know how the dead parrot felt. Not so much an ex-parrot as an ex Trustee. So now is a good time to reflect on what the Romans (or your Trustees) ever did for us.   read more...
  • Governance for the Future – What Would Freddie Mercury Say?
    Special General Meetings are like buses. You get none for 100 years and then two come along at once. Or at least two in ten years. Because right now you as the members of the IET are being asked to vote. And of course in order to decide, the first thing you will all be asking yourselves is – what would Freddie Mercury have to say?   read more...
  • Aruba to Austin Court
    Alan Watts asked me to write his Vice President's blog this month because he thought it unlikely he would be able to make our Board of Trustees meeting, which took place on Monday, 6 July. This is because he was travelling back from his annual pilgrimage to the sun, sea, surf and delights of the Caribbean. However, Alan rearranged his flights and, whilst looking somewhat travel weary, he still managed to get from Aruba to IET Birmingham: Austin Court to participate (with vigour) in the meeting (see photos).   read more...
  • Will Dilbert Join the Board of Trustees?
    I've talked before about just how good this year's crop of Trustees is (with the clear exception of your humble scribe) but rumours now abound that they are going to be enhanced further - and providing some very genuine diversity to boot. Are we about to have our first comic strip Trustee?   read more...