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Exciting Education Volunteering Opportunities!


The IET Education team have recently reviewed and refreshed their Education volunteer programme, to update the Education Officer (EO) role and introduce a brand-new Education Ambassador (EA) role.

Both roles are designed to represent the IET to raise awareness in young people, aged 4-19, about the exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and inspire them to consider a rewarding engineering career. Ultimately to promote a better understanding of engineers, the contribution engineering makes to society and to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Role overview

Traditionally associated with in-person school activities, the roles have no real limitations in scope. You can support and attend established organisations activities, from small to large scale and unusual activities. Activities undertaken can be, virtual or in-person, proactive or reactive, and pre-planned or in response to requests received from the Education team.
The Education team receives UK-wide requests and can be incredibly varied. Activities can involve local schools, youth clubs, careers talks, science fairs, county fairs, and Education Partner activities such as FIRST LEGO League, Faraday Challenge Days and other Partnership events. Recent requests for Education Volunteer support have included requests for podcast guests for an Education Partner organisation and a local school, recording a short interview style video to be played during school assemblies in all primary and secondary schools in the Plymouth area, and becoming an F1 in Schools Judge.
Introducing young people to engineering is an incredibly rewarding experience and the amount of time volunteered is entirely up to you as the two roles have been designed with different levels of commitment in mind. An EA is expected to commit to 1-5 days, where as an EO is expected to commit to 6+ days of activities a year. And the hours accrued can contribute towards your continuing professional development (CPD).

Essential Qualities needed for the role

It is essential to have a true interest and passion for Engineering and Technology and good communication skills to reflect your enthusiasm and experience in any, and all, aspects of engineering. The Education team will expect you to share your impeccable skills and knowledge of the profession with the relevant audience and promote IET Education resources, including the Engineer Education Grant Scheme. At times you maybe collaborating with other IET members and representatives from external organisations, including Education Partners, and the wider education community, so good team working skills are ideally suited for these roles.
You must be an IET member, Student and Associate are very welcome, and if you are interested in the EA role you must become a STEM Ambassador with STEM Learning. All EOs will be encouraged to become STEM Ambassadors, as the support available from STEM Learning is incredibly valuable.

What you can expect in your role

You can expect from the Education team continuous support and assistance from dedicated staff with your role, and regular communications typically in the form of email updates and in person visits. They will listen to, consider, then implement where possible, new ideas about improving the role and activities undertaken, and hold regular virtual Regional get-togethers to allow you to meet and discuss thoughts with other Education Volunteers near you.
They will provide training for the role which includes; ‘Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk’, ‘Code of Conduct’, ‘Data Protection’, and ‘Equality and Diversity and Inclusion’. Along with an EO conference designed for further knowledge sharing, training, other IET updates and meeting other Education Volunteers, which takes place circa every 18 months.

Passionate about inspiring the next generation?

Full EO and EA role descriptions, and the application process which will include and informal interview, can be found on the IET volunteer Hub. And you can meet the rest of our current Education Volunteers team and where to find them on their own brand-new webpage.
For those currently in education and in your early engineering career, IET Education have created a single webpage, Education A-Z, where you can find links to all IET and IET Education resources available to support you. This was created with thanks directly to Education Volunteer feedback.

If you are interested in further information about any of the above, or in applying for one of the roles, please email the Education inbox: ieteducation@theiet.org

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