IET China Host Joint Event With Chinese Society For Electrical Engineering (CSEE)

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IET China Registration Interviews
IET China hosted a joint Professional Registration Interview event with CSEE
Our China office arranged for 35 candidates, recommended by CSEE, to attend Professional Review Interviews in Beijing with the support of 11 experienced interviewers. Colin Sellers, Registration and Standards Manager at the IET, led the volunteer team for three days, with interviews of three panels.

Another three days of Route to Registration training and one to one advice sessions for the third batch of CSEE candidates took place during 16 to 18 August. There were 75 candidates who attended the training and are scheduled to be interviewed in early December 2019.

Colin explained why events such as these are important: “Firstly, they provide internationally renowned recognition of the competence and commitment of Chinese Engineers, especially those working on international projects, supporting the “Belt and Road” initiative in China and overseas."

He continued: "Second, these events continue to promote the IET to an appreciative and important audience – those developing Chinese Engineers who want the international recognition of Chartered Engineer.

"And thirdly, together with the work we are doing with the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) to help develop registration process and procedures, leading to mutual recognition of qualifications and registration, these events continue to raise the profile of Chinese engineers in a wider context.

These events, and the success of professional registration in China, show the IET has much more to offer Chinese engineers than just events and papers.”
Posted by IET Editorial on Sep 23, 2019 1:57 PM Europe/London

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