Introducing Our Five IET Present Around The World (PATW) Finalists

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Congratulations to our five finalists of the IET PATW competition 2017-18.  Hear about their journey and what they will present as they go head to head on 14th November for the ultimate accolade of Global Champion at the live PATW global final.  We wish you all the best on the day- good luck!
Meet our South Asia finalist: Rahil Mansuri

RahilRahil Mansuri is currently in his final year of studying a degree in Mechanical Engineering at K.K. Wagh Institute of Engineering, Education & Research, Nashik.

He is deeply passionate about public speaking and aspires to touch, move and inspire people through his work. He is also a part-time YouTuber where he aims to help people around the world to master the art of public speaking.

Because of his strong interpersonal and team management skills he was appointed as a group leader in 'Landmark- a Personal and Professional Growth, Training and Development Institute'.

He is currently developing a low cost prosthetic knee joint for amputees of the developing countries. He is actively involved in various Entrepreneurship Development Cell activities that helps student to develop their entrepreneurial skills. After completing his graduation he aims to become a entrepreneur himself.

Rahil's PATW journey:

"If you really want to excel in life, it is very important that you get yourself out of your comfort zone, you expose yourself to stuff that challenges your perceived limits and forces you to go beyond them, IET PATW is just about that."

"I remember the first time I participated in IET PATW, I was nervous, anxious but somehow managed to deliver the presentation. I eventually lost that round, but I promised myself that I would come back, but this time only to win. I knew that failure is just a part of a process that prepares you for success, so I learnt from my mistakes and constantly kept on working hard over my public speaking skills. And here I am today, one step closer to the 'World Title'.

Needless to say IET PATW is a game changer in my life, the journey was an absolute roller coaster ride. I made some new friends, I experienced moments that I will cherish forever.

Rahil will be presenting at the live final on his topic: 'Life Enhancing Prosthetic Knee'

Meet our Americas finalist: Mohamed Abdelazez

Mohamed Abdelazez is a PhD student and a Vanier Scholar in the department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University. His research interests include reduction of false alarms in hospitals using signal quality analysis, cardiovascular diseases diagnostics from electrocardiogram, and electrocardiogram biometrics.

Both of his bachelor’s and master’s degrees were in Biomedical Engineering. Mohamed’s passion is medical technologies, especially long term monitoring.

Mohamed's PATW Journey:

"I first heard about PATW through my academic supervisor. I immediately signed-up for the competition but was not sure what to expect."

"As a researcher, it is easy to go into the details about how things work but hard to provide the big picture that the general public is more interested in. My feedback from the Ottawa Local Network competition showed that my presentation was heavy on the technical side, so I rebuilt my entire presentation for the regional finals."

"I watched all of the previous finalists’ presentations for inspiration."

My presentation in the regional finals was well received and I am planning on using the feedback I received to further improve my presentation for the global finals."

Mohamed will be presenting at the live final on his topic: 'the future of person identification in the digital world.'

Meet our UK finalist: Lakshan Subenthiran 

Lakshan’s love for the railway began when he developed a train positioning system for a model railway track during his 3rd year individual project while he was at university. He later graduated with a MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at City University London and was dreaming to work within the railway industry.

It was a dream come true when Lakshan started Transport for London’s Electrical Engineering Graduate Scheme and worked within various departments across TfL. During the Graduate Scheme, Lakshan started to find his passion for railway signalling and railway capacity improvement projects as this brings a positive impact to everyone in London. Since completing the Graduate Scheme, Lakshan worked on capacity improvement projects on the Northern Line and is now working on a capacity optimisation project on the Jubilee Line as a Railway Signalling Engineer. 

Lakshan's PATW journey so far:

"I sometimes have to pinch myself. If you told me during my London Heat of PATW that eight months later I would be competing in the global final, I would have laughed." 

"My confidence in presenting has gone through the roof with each successful round. I’m not fazed when it comes to presenting anymore and welcome any opportunity that comes my way to present."

Lakshan will be presenting at the live final on his topic about 'capacity optimisation of the London Underground's Northern Line'.

Meet our Asia Pacific finalist: Christopher Tan

Christopher is a final year mechanical engineering student from Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, Malaysia. Currently, he is researching on improving the light absorption of organic solar cells via nanophotonic manipulation in his final year research project under Dr. Elammaran Jayamani. 

He has always been in awe of the power of speech and how it can change the world. Christopher aspires to use this as a tool to contribute to the engineering world. This is why he participated in PATW. Last year, he was a PATW participant but did not make it through during the National Finals in Malaysia. This time, Christopher is really excited to be part of the Global Final and is eager to meet the other finalists.

My PATW journey so far:

Christopher was a participant of the 2016/17 PATW season but failed to make it through during the national round. Hoping to seek redemption, he again joined PATW in 2017/18, starting from the Local Network round in March this year (2018) organized by SSIET (Swinburne Sarawak IET) in Kuching, Sarawak. After making it through, he competed with participants from all over Malaysia in Taylor's University in Kuala Lumpur in May. Then, he went on to Singapore to compete in the Asia Pacific Regional Finals against 8 other participants, which he won, now going forward to compete at the Global Final.

"I hope to use PATW as a stepping stone to be a future professional public speaker and be invited to speak all around the world, and fulfil a lifelong passion of engineering a better world through the power of speech."

Christopher will be presenting at the live final on his topic: 'inspiring research in organic solar cells'.


Meet our EMEA finalist: Fauzaan Shaikh

My name is Fauzaan Shaikh, and I'm studying to become a mechanical engineer at the University of Bolton, in the UAE. I enjoy stories, both reading and writing them. When I'm not lost in a book, I'm either gaming, or working on an odd project I've jumped headfirst into, with little idea of whether it will pan out the way I expect it to.

Things don't always work out as anticipated, but the experience makes it worth it. I'm a massive daydreamer. I've developed this rather unfortunate habit of seeing the world through two lenses; what it is, and the fantasy it could be. Sometimes, I'm a bit lost in the latter.

Why do I enjoy presenting? I figured if a room full of people are willing to sit, and listen intently to every word I have to say, in the most thoughtful and deliberating often in life does that happen?

My PATW journey:

Never, in my short life so far, did I expect to find myself travelling around the world, to participate in a presentation competition, of all things.

The first time I presented in a competition was Speak Out for Engineering, by IMECHE in 2017. The first time I presented in Present Around the World was the same year. I did not win, however.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience, and had little to lose. So, I tried again. And won.


"It’s been exceptional so far. I've met folks from varying cultures, and held conversations most interesting. I've grown in so many aspects, in confidence, and in the art of socialising. 

Initially, this was merely a fun activity, to present and design interesting presentations. Now, I see it’s so much more; it’s not just about presenting, and winning. The networking, the travelling, the opportunities that have opened up."

Not only have I learned much; I've realised how much I have left to learn. How much room I have to grow. And, as the quiet kid, the one in the corner, the anxious one, now in the finale stage of a presentation competition, I've learned that my limits are the ones that I choose.

Have you been inspired by our finalists' stories?
Why not enter our 2018-19 IET Present Around the World Competition or find out more?

Posted by Kim Letchford on Sep 26, 2018 11:12 AM Europe/London

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