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Keeping you up to date with the latest news and developments from Engineering Communities, the IET's online community. There is also a dedicated Online Community Support category in the discussion forum to report bugs and issues, give feedback and suggest ideas for new features and functionality.

Latest Posts

  • A New Look For The Forum!
    We've updated the Forum for the online community and introduced a few new features along the way... read more...
  • Events - What's On Near Me?
    Did you know that between them our Local and Technical Networks organise over 1700 events every year? That there are IET events in over 48 countries around the globe? That over 160,000 delegates attended one or more of our events during 2019?  So how do you get to hear about all these events and how do you find out what’s going on near you? read more...
  • Screen Names Coming Soon!
    If you’ve read our last blog post on the Online Community News blog you’ll remember that we announced we would shortly be introducing ‘screen names’ giving you the ability for you to assign yourself a unique nickname for you to use within the community.  read more...
  • Online Community Update: We Have A New Style Navigation Menu!
    We’ve made an update to our primary navigation (that’s the main navigation menu that you see along the top of all pages across the online community) to make it a little easier to find your way around. Read on to see what we've been up to... read more...
  • Discuss This!
    Have you ever been sitting at your laptop or PC reading an article online and wished you could share and discuss it with others in the IET’s online community? Well now you can...! read more...