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Sharing Your Insight


We’re excited to tell you about a new area for you to share your thoughts with the community...

Are you working on something exciting and want to hear what others think about it? Perhaps you have attended an event or given a talk that you think would interest the community?

We’d like to hear your thoughts on engineering issues, an interesting technical problem or project you've worked on, lessons learned, your industry experiences; anything you think community members would find thought-provoking.

Insights should:

•    Come from a personal point of view;
•    Be about your experience, opinion or knowledge on a topic related to engineering;
•    Aim to inspire, inform, enable, or support community members. 

If you’re interested, head on over to our Community Insights area and submit your content.

Got any feedback about it? You can @mention us (Liz or Evanna) to get our attention, or report an issue by dropping us a line in the Online Community Support category.
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