A New Look For The Forum!

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We've updated the Forum for the online community and introduced a few new features along the way...

The new look forum enables those with different sight needs to read posts more easily. This means you'll no longer be able to change the font colour or size when you create your posts and your signature will no longer be included although it will still be visible in your user profile for others to see.

Sharing files in posts
  • Mobile users – the icons to upload files have been consolidated – to upload use the image icon
  • Desktop PC & tablet users – you can now drag and drop files and photos into posts, or use the image icon to upload.

Other changes
  • Hover over a topic title to read the first part the post without having to click into it. 
  • To read the whole topic, click anywhere within in the topic bar/container.
  • ‘Unsubscribe all notifications’ option in ‘my account’
  • New reactions – celebrate, congratulate or even love forum posts along with the traditional 'like'
  • Use the 'Three dot' drop down menu to now edit or delete your post or report a post to the moderator team.
  • You can now add a cover photo to your profile page

We hope you like the new look forums. If you have questions check out our new FAQ list. You can report an issue by dropping us a line in the Online Community Support category or @mention us (Lisa, Liz or Evanna) to get our attention.

Edited 1st June 2020
Posted by Lisa Miles on Apr 28, 2020 1:06 PM Europe/London

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