A New Look For The Forum! 6891

A New Look For The Forum!


We've updated the Forum for the online community and introduced a few new features along the way...


The new look forum enables those with different sight needs to read posts more easily. This means you'll no longer be able to change the font colour or size when you create your posts and your signature will no longer be included although it will still be visible in your user profile for others to see.

Sharing files in posts
  • Mobile users – the icons to upload files have been consolidated – to upload use the image icon
  • Desktop PC & tablet users – you can now drag and drop files and photos into posts, or use the image icon to upload.

Other changes
  • Hover over a topic title to read the first part the post without having to click into it. 
  • To read the whole topic, click anywhere within in the topic bar/container.
  • ‘Unsubscribe all notifications’ option in ‘my account’
  • New reactions – celebrate, congratulate or even love forum posts along with the traditional 'like'
  • Use the 'Three dot' drop down menu to now edit or delete your post or report a post to the moderator team.
  • You can now add a cover photo to your profile page

We hope you like the new look forums. If you have questions check out our new FAQ list. You can report an issue by dropping us a line in the Online Community Support category or @mention us (Lisa, Liz or Evanna) to get our attention.

Edited 1st June 2020
Blog Online Community News 28/04/2020 1:06pm BST

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ebee ebee May '20
Well it has proved to be not a conspiracy theory but more like a fact. The forums are the most difficult to use they`ve ever been. This can not be accidental. It just proves that the IET want to shut the forums down, An absolute nightmare
AJJewsbury AJJewsbury May '20
In the interests of balance, I'd like to say that there are several features of the new system that significantly detract from its usability, compared with earlier versions, including:
o The hover-over feature gets in the way of being able to actually open a thread (at least on my laptop) - as it often pops up far too quickly and so prevents access to the obvious link I'm trying to click on.
o The ordering of posts within a thread is bizarre - now showing the oldest first, then the very newest second, then the 2nd newest third and so on - so that the thread no longer reads in chronological order. That may be fine if you've already read all but the latest response, but is a real hindrance when trying to make sense of the thread for the first time, especially in technical discussions where there is a definite flow from earlier replies to later ones. While there is a (slightly non-obvious) option to revert to conventional ordering, there seem to be no way of making that the default and the system persists in returning to silliness at every opportunity.
o The change to remove controls of text size, colour etc has also removed some other useful features - such as the ability to quote selected text which was heavily used before and can now only be achieved by working in the rather cryptic 'source' mode.
o The loss of proper date/time stamps on posts makes referring to other replies (especially ones in different thread) unnecessarily difficult.

Disappointingly, other changes that have long been asked for - such as being able to directly use technical symbols such as an Ohms symbol or easy access to sub and superscripts that are used in many terms in the wiring regs, are still conspicuous by their absence.
Prakaash Prakaash May '20
Looking Good :)
Fitzy71 Fitzy71 May '20
I like it, but I can’t see the original posting date of the topics anymore, or am I missing something?
So far a retrograde step, as was a lot of the migration from the old Fusetalk platform (I do understand that Fusetalk was no longer supported) Mostly change for changes sake without clear user benefits :-(

Best regards

Looks good stay safe and healthy
Best wishes
Adha Azmir Adha Azmir Apr '20
Look good & cool to me..
Looks good to me, hope you are all staying safe.

Best wishes