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Events - What's On Near Me?


Did you know that between them our Local and Technical Networks organise over 1700 events every year? That there are IET events in over 48 countries around the globe? That over 160,000 delegates attended one or more of our events during 2019? 

So how do you get to hear about all these events and how do you find out what’s going on near you?

Our volunteers are pretty amazing people... 😊  Some of our volunteer committees organise anything up to 50 events a year (that’s around one event every week) and others may only have two or three or support large conferences or exhibitions that attract thousands! 

There are events happening all around the world and to help you, our community members, to see just how many and what events are being held close to where you live or work, today we’re launching our new community wide Events Calendar. To find the calendar, select the new 'Events' tab in the main menu bar along the top of the screen.

The community Events Calendar gives you a full view of what events are happening month by month (or daily/weekly in a Calendar view) across all of our online community groups, as well as an interactive map view showing the location of any upcoming community events in the next three months. 

In the Calendar view you can skip through each month to find the details of any events happening that month, or switch to a daily or weekly calendar view using the tabs. Click on the event title to view more details about the event.

In the interactive map view you can zoom in and pan across a map of the world. Coloured map pins (which determine the type of event) show the location of an event’s venue. Deselect the event categories if you want to filter the types of events displayed i.e. if you only want to see what lectures or what conferences there are. Click on the location pin to bring up a pop up box with the event’s title and date and click on the event’s title to view more details.

The community wide Events Calendar is brand new so we’re still tweaking it and ironing out a few quirks but we’re really excited to share it with you and happy to get your feedback! Tell us what works for you and what you find useful in the comments below.
Blog Online Community News 04/02/2020 10:22am GMT

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This is still showing under "Latest Blog Posts". Would it be an idea to update it in view of the current lockdown situation? Even just a note saying that local events will be publicised through the website when they resume would be good.
Very helpful. Consider adding the TN webinars to this calendar.  For example, I was looking for the registration link for the 16-Apr-2020 webinar on Satellite Technology for Sustainable Civil Aerospace,  but without success.
It's really amazing and helpful, thank you so much for updating event calendar  
Samuel Gaw Samuel Gaw Feb '20
Hi Lisa

Thanks for fixing the Browse Categories issue and confirming how the multiple calendar entries occurred. My fellow admin says he can see the map on his phone but not on his pc so it looks like he is using an older browser.

Thanks again.

Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Feb '20
Hi Samuel Gaw‍ 

Thanks you for your feedback. Yes your event displays twice because it's listed in two separate communities. The Maggie Philbin lecture is a casualty of a problem we had with the Events feed earlier in January. We're still finding the odd event that needs a bit of a clean up and this is one of them so thank you for spotting that one! 

The map displays in the most recent versions of the main browsers. Which browser is your admin using? If it's Internet Explorer then they really need to look into using something else as Microsoft no longer support it and haven't updated it for years. 

You should be able to see the category listings now. I've just taken a look at it and noticed that one of the settings wasn't quite correct. I've updated that now so you should be able to view those categories.
Samuel Gaw Samuel Gaw Feb '20
Hi Lisa

I see that our next event (a Cyber security talk on 4 March) appears twice in the calendar. I'm assuming this is because the event is listed in two communities? I see also that the Maggie Philbin lecture the same day is listed multiple times. Again, is that because it appears in multiple communities?

One of my fellow admins can't get the event map to display. It displays ok for me. Does the map work with all versions of the main browsers?

When I click on any of the Browse Categories items on the right hand side of the calendar I get taken to the communities home page which displays a banner saying "you do not have permission to access that page". The other admin who tried it has the same problem.

Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Feb '20
Not at the moment Arthur Peachey‍  but we are looking into it. 
It would be helpful if was possible to find events near me by putting in a postcode or location and a distance, can this be done?