Online Community Update: The August Edition... 6599

Online Community Update: The August Edition...


Introducing the new ‘My Activity’ feed, finding your local and technical IET Networks and making connections! 

Would you like to see a view of your activity in the online community? Then take a look at your new ‘My activity’ feed! You’ll find the link to a list of your past activity across the community in the MyHome drop-down menu currently nestled between My account and My contacts. You can also use the tabs at the top of your feed to see what your contacts have been up to as well! 

We’ve also made a change in the Communities menu so you can easily find the IET’s Local and Technical Networks. You’ll now see them in their separate categories in the drop-down menu from the main Communities tab. 

And…. We’ve now added a ‘pending requests’ section to your contacts list on your MyHome page to make it easier to see when another community member would like to connect with you. Don’t forget to select ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ on the request or use ‘No Action’ if you don’t want to make a decision just yet.   

Need some help or advice on how to use the online community? Visit our help page where you’ll find some helpful guides or seek an answer in our dedicated Online Community Support category in the forum. 

As always, please leave a comment below if you have any questions! 
Blog Online Community News 08/08/2019 3:14pm BST

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Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Aug '19
Hi CliveS‍ . We'll be doing some updates to the forum shortly, however where you say it's 'difficult to get to the forums' does the main navigation tab and its drop down menu not work for you? I'm also not sure what you mean by the natgrid forum as we've never had a category called that? Could you please PM me with more info! - Lisa
CliveS CliveS Aug '19
Lisa,  It is still difficult to get to the forums.  The wiring one is easy but the other 2 for general engineering and natgrid are not under forum [ except the closed ones] CliveS