Online Community News: A Big Welcome To The Wiring Regulations Forum!

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Welcome to Wiring Regs Forum
If you’re a visitor or contributor to the IET’s Wiring and the Regulations forum, you’ll be aware that we are moving it into the Engineering Communities family to bring all of our discussion forums back together and create one home for all online discussions at the IET. So why are we doing this now? 
Well, the old forum software supplied by FuseTalk inc, (rather ironic  name I’ve always thought) is now very outdated and the supplier no longer provides technical support or updates for it. Over time, elements of it have ceased to work properly (with no possibility of a fix) meaning that it has now become incompatible with some much needed and longed for updates to the IET’s website log in process.  

So… some of the eagle-eyed community members amongst you will have noticed that we have a new ‘Wiring and the Regulations BS 7671’ category in our discussion forum where topics related to electrical installation, electrical systems design and other related topics can be posted.  The Wiring Regs forum is still accessible in it’s current home for the time being, but towards the end of February it will be locked and only available in a 'read only' format. 

If you have any questions about the introduction of the new category and what it  means, please read our FAQs and, as always, feel free to pop any questions in the comments below. 

As part of the work to bring the Wiring Regs discussions into our forum, we are also going to be introducing screen/user names for our community members! smiley

If you’re a long standing or previous user of the old IET Discussion forums you will have posted topics and replies under a screen/pen/user name. However, when we launched the new online community, members were encouraged to use their real names instead. We’ve been looking into introducing screen names for all of our community members and encompassing the Wiring and the Regulations discussions into the forum is an opportune moment to do so.

We'll share more detailed information about the introduction of screen names so look out for that in a future blog post!
Posted by Lisa Miles on Jan 22, 2019 10:03 AM Europe/London

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