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Online Community Update: We Have A New Style Navigation Menu!


We’ve made an update to our primary navigation (that’s the main navigation menu that you see along the top of all pages across the online community) to make it a little easier to find your way around. Read on to see what we've been up to...

The first thing you’ll notice is we now have a menu bar along the very top of the screen which houses the main navigation menu and also stays at the top as you scroll down through the page. This means you don’t have to scroll all the way back to the top of a page if you want to navigate elsewhere.

We’ve also introduced a number of drop down menus from the menu headings so you can access various areas faster and with more ease.

My Home now has a dropdown menu where you’ll find quick access to your private messages,, to view and edit your profile, update your account details (privacy settings, notification settings etc), view your list of contacts, community groups and the content you’ve shared with the community.

Communities now offers a dropdown menu where you can browse community groups by the various categories to find technical, geographical or specialist groups that interest you

We’ve renamed Discussions to Forum and also given it a new dropdown menu where you can find and browse the discussion forum by topic category. 

You'll also notice the new 'Notification Bell' where you'll find pending contact requests and access to your messages. 

Logging out of the community is now done by clicking on the drop down arrow on the far right of the menu bar and selecting 'log out'.

We hope you like the changes and, as always, if you have any questions or feedback please let us know by commenting below!
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Thanks for the update  Lisa Miles‍ - looks good!
I think this update is an improvement to the navigation of the site.
How do I create an Acoustic Emission / Medium Frequency Energy Transfer (MFET) specialist community to aid prognostic health monitoring, condition monitoring and functionability?
Chris AePS
Abhon Adus Abhon Adus Jan '19
Impressive changes. Well-done.
Jack Aust Jack Aust Jan '19
Looks good and it has solved one of my reguar problems which was finding my local community website quickly

By the way. Is there a way of spell checkingg apost?

Chris Burden‍ Visit and put your request in :)