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Have You Added A Photo To Your Community Profile?


Did you know that community members are more likely to engage and interact with another member online if that member has a profile photo? No? Then maybe it’s time to update your profile! smiley

Adding a photo of you really helps to personalise your profile in our online community.  Research has found that online profiles with a profile image are 7 times more likely to be viewed and have their friend/connection requests accepted than those without. Community members are also more likely to value contributions from members who have a profile image than those without.  It’s human nature to focus on faces and our brains associate information with pictures – this is how our memory works.  So if you don’t give people that first visual ‘hook’, you are more easily forgotten. sad

However, when choosing a photo for your profile image, think of the tone it conveys. When you upload an image as your profile photo, it is representative of the ‘virtual’ you. As our online community at the IET is primarily for engineers and technicians, it’s beneficial to present yourself as a professional i.e. no ‘party pictures’ or ‘pouty bathroom mirror selfies’ laugh

You may think it makes sense to upload your company logo in order to gain important brand recognition. However, bear in mind that within an online community, members want to socialise and collaborate with other individuals and not ‘brands’– they are far more likely to engage with the people and individuals who represent those brands. This is why the Admins on this community (Fiona, Liz and myself) all use our own profile images and not a generic IET logo… yes

It’s also good to update your profile image from time to time so that anyone you’ve recently met in person is able to identify you online and vice versa. This is why I like to regularly update my own profile photo for one that’s a bit more recent. So not only can you observe how the ravages of time and working at the IET have affected my visage over the years but also, if I’m at an IET event, you may recognise me and come over to say hello! smiley

So from now until 30th September, I’m going to be awarding an extra 50 activity points to anyone who uploads or updates their profile photo in the community and also entering you into a prize draw to win some IET goodies!

Need some help? See our help guidance on how to create your profile

Now... I've updated mine, so let's see yours...wink
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