Discuss This!


Have you ever been sitting at your laptop or PC reading an article online and wished you could share and discuss it with others in the IET’s online community? Well now you can...!

We’ve just added another new feature to Engineering Communities.  The ‘Discuss this’ bookmarklet.

Use it to start a conversation in the Forum on Engineering Communities whenever you find something online that you’d like to share and discuss with others in the online community.

So how does it work?
  1. Visit the bookmarklet page and follow the instructions to install it in your browser’s toolbar. Please note: this feature cannot be installed on a mobile device
  2. Whenever you read something you’d like to share and discuss with others in Engineering Communities go up to your browser toolbar and click on the button to open up the ‘Discuss this window.
  3. Select the appropriate category or community where you’d like to start a discussion (tick 'My Communities' to add your online communities to the drop down options) you can even add the link as a reply to an existing topic too!
  4. Add what you’d like to say and select an image, if appropriate, from those found on the content’s page:


Then click submit and you’re done! Your post then appears in the discussion category or community that you selected where others can read and post their replies.

Don’t forget to read our FAQ’s and tell us what you think about this new feature in the comments below. 

So... what would you like to discuss? smiley


Blog Online Community News 24/07/2018 9:30am BST