You’ve Already Seen Us In The Community But We’ve Never Been Formally Introduced… 5873

You’ve Already Seen Us In The Community But We’ve Never Been Formally Introduced…


Admins…. In the realms of an online community, they’re the people whose role it is to make sure everything is ‘ticking along nicely’. The role of an admin isn’t an easy one, most of the work admins do is in the background where community members never see it or are even aware of it!
As the title of this blog post says, no doubt you’ve already seen us around the community but we haven’t been properly introduced…
So just who are the Admins…?

Well firstly there is Fiona Dew (Strategic Development Manager) who manages the overall development and strategic direction of the online community. Then there’s Liz Morgan  (Web Producer - Online Community) our resident ‘Bug swatter’ from the Digital Services team focussing on the more ‘technical’ support and who liaises closely with the platform’s development team over in the USA.  And then there’s me, Lisa Miles (Online Community Manager) managing the general day-to-day monitoring of the community itself to make sure everything is ‘ticking along nicely’. smiley
We’re identified on the community by our Admin badge, so where you see this badge  8c80af6b45e92f80740da753323d58a6-huge-60 against a community members profile you can be sure that it’s one of the Admins.
So what is it that we do? Here’s a few of the highlights…

Removing Spam
Of course this is the most visible and recognisable task that Admins perform but if we’re doing our role well our community members will never get to see any spam in the first place!
Moderating reported content
When you report an item of content or a community member then it’s either an Admin or Moderator who reviews your report and takes any required action if necessary.
Violations of the guidelines
Not all content removed from the community is spam. Our Community guidelines explain what type of content and activity is and is not permitted on our online community. As Admins we’re always on the lookout for inappropriate content, advertising, cross posting (posting the same content in multiple forums etc) personal contact information added in a public space, and any general unpleasant behaviour. As the community is a pretty big place, we’re always grateful to our eagle eyed members who spot and report things to us too!
Keeping the community online
We liaise constantly with the suppliers to suggest new features, make sure everything is working, bugs are reported and the site stays online. We also get to play with any new features before they’re released and give feedback to the platform’s development team.
Interacting with the community
Like everyone else, we also ask and answer questions in the forum, give likes, post blogs and contribute to the community. Where you see us interacting, you can be sure that it is indeed us and not an ‘AI Virtual Assistant’!
This is just a handful of tasks that we perform on the community but there is much, much more to what we do!
If you need to, you can contact an Admin directly by private message from our profile pages or by emailing However, we would prefer that any general support questions are posted to the Online Community Support forum unless they require support of more confidential nature.

See you in the community! smiley
Blog Online Community News 24/04/2018 9:30am BST