Welcome To Your New Home! 5814

Welcome To Your New Home!


Don’t you find that when spring is in the air and everyone emerges from their winter hibernation your thoughts turn to improving or refreshing your home? Redecorating that bathroom you’ve been putting off, clearing out your shed or giving the exterior a fresh lick of paint?

...Or even a whole new look…? 

Well that’s exactly what we’re doing in the online community!

Take a sneaky peak at a test version of our new homepage (currently in a ‘beta’ state), designed to entice you into reading some of our interesting blog articles, encourage you to take part in thought provoking discussions and highlight some of the exciting events organised by the IET and our volunteers.

Hover over the images to read a brief introduction then click to be taken to the blog post, event or discussion. You don’t have to log into the community to read any of the content but if you do, you’ll be able to leave a comment, like or reply.

Scroll below the images and you’ll see a preview of three of the latest topics being discussed in the Discussion Forum. Again, if you’ve logged into your account you’ll be able to leave a reply. 

While we are still working on it, we'd love to know what you think of the new homepage. Let us know in the comments below. 

Blog Online Community News 21/03/2018 9:30am GMT

Your Comments

Fiona Dew Fiona Dew Mar '18
Thank you all for your feedback so far, we are still working on the page so keep checking back and keep the feedback coming.  Lisa has slowed the speed of the flip down a little which might help with the sea-sickness... and she is also going to look at a slight delay so that the tiles don't go crazy as you move your mouse across the page.  We are also taking a closer look at the flip behaviour in mobile.
Yes, definitely better with the slower flip.  Two further points: firstly the 'unpleasantness' of the flip is related to the tile size (those big ones are particuarly problematic for me) and secondly I note that the tile flips even when momentarily landing on a tile and it can all get a bit hyper - could you build in a slight delay?
Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Mar '18
Gavin TennantCheryl Watts‍ I've slowed down the 'flip' of the tiles so it's more gentle, let me know what you think!

Re the colours of the tiles when they flip over, they may not be a 'fixed' colour and may adapt each time to tie in with the image infront of it. :o)
Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Mar '18
Hi David McQuiggan‍ . Could you elaborate on your feedback for me please? Why do you think it is a 'step back'? i.e. What is it about the current homepage that you prefer in relation to our proposed new one? When you say it is a step back in terms of UX for mobile devices using iOS and safari, is that a specific issue for solely iphone users or do you think it applies to the general behaviour and UX on all mobile devices regardless of the make and model? Again, what is it about the existing mobile UX on the current landing page that you prefer to the new? 
Looks nice but the flipping tiles are making me feel sea-sick!
Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Mar '18
Thanks for your feedback so far everyone. Keep it coming!! 

Just to add a point of clarity for some of you, this is the proposed new landing page at https://communities.theiet.org and NOT the new Myhome page (https://communities.theiet.org/myhome). We're aiming to refresh the Myhome page at some point later in the year.
The new beta homepage is a step back in terms of user experience for mobile iOS devices using safari.
Hi Lisa,

Love the new look. Modern & engaging. I think I would have smaller tiles and maybe a few more, but however it ends up, you are going in the right direction.


I like this - it is much more interesting and engaging than the current one.
Love it!  So glad to see that this effort has been put into transforming what could previously be perceived as an unexciting, bland or pedestrian front end into something that catches the eye, makes it easy to pick out your area of interest and stimulates the desire to click and delve further into Alladin's cave (OK, maybe I'm now waxing a little too lyrical, but it does reflect, honestly, my initial reactions). Maybe I've been a little influenced by the fact that, at the time I looked at this, the current Hot Topic is a blog thread for which, as evidenced by how many times I've contributed to it, is one about which I'm quite passionate, but then, doesn't this, in itself, demonstrate that it is providing an excellent route for quickly finding your way to the content that interests?
I have to declare that I disagree with Gavin Tennant about the "flipping tiles" - I like them, and feel this has the dual merits that it provides an easy, fast way to identify what lies below the banner headline and quickly seeing what looks most appetising for further exploration, but also resonates with the front end of most of the major news and media sites with which we are increasingly familiar - nothing wrong with a populist approach in this particular case when it increases accessibility. and, as the PEI that represents the most exciting and enthralling areas of engineering and technology (OK, maybe I'm biased!), why not make the front end to our web site equally exciting and enthralling?!!
I think it's singularly appropriate that, as the PEI that represents high technology engineering, we should have a website that exploits that technology to the full. Well done to all who have brought this to us, keep up the good work! Can't wait for it to move from Beta to full implementation!