It’s Good To Talk - Introducing The Forum Badges

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It's good to talk
"It’s good to talk..", as the saying goes, and our community members have proved that saying applies in both the real and virtual worlds!


Our online discussion forums are a very popular area of our community with over 1100 new topics and 4000 replies posted during 2017!  So how often do you visit and chat in our forums?  Once a week? Once a month? Every day? 

If you’re a frequent contributor to our forums you’ll start to see our new forum activity badges pop up on your profile page (as well as beneath your profile photo in your forum posts) to recognise and reward you for the contribution you make to our online community. smiley

There are two types of forum badges, one for the number of topics or questions you ask and one for the number of replies or answers you provide.

So how do you get a badge?

Start a topic in the discussion forum and receive your first ‘Topic Creator’ badge. Every topic you start then adds towards your next level badge. The same applies to replying to topics too. Reply to a topic in the forum and you’ll receive your first ‘Replier’ badge

Visit the Badge Glossary to see a description of all current badges that can be found within the community.


What would you like to discuss?  smiley

Posted by Lisa Miles on Feb 6, 2018 4:44 PM Europe/London

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