It’s Good To Talk - Introducing The Forum Badges 5719

It’s Good To Talk - Introducing The Forum Badges


"It’s good to talk..", as the saying goes, and our community members have proved that saying applies in both the real and virtual worlds!


Our online discussion forums are a very popular area of our community with over 1100 new topics and 4000 replies posted during 2017!  So how often do you visit and chat in our forums?  Once a week? Once a month? Every day? 

If you’re a frequent contributor to our forums you’ll start to see our new forum activity badges pop up on your profile page (as well as beneath your profile photo in your forum posts) to recognise and reward you for the contribution you make to our online community. smiley

There are two types of forum badges, one for the number of topics or questions you ask and one for the number of replies or answers you provide.

So how do you get a badge?

Start a topic in the discussion forum and receive your first ‘Topic Creator’ badge. Every topic you start then adds towards your next level badge. The same applies to replying to topics too. Reply to a topic in the forum and you’ll receive your first ‘Replier’ badge

Visit the Badge Glossary to see a description of all current badges that can be found within the community.


What would you like to discuss?  smiley

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Your Comments

Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Feb '18
Hi Nouman Abid Chuhan‍ 

Badges to indicate your Profession Registration status would be great but there are a number of technical issues we would need to address first. Unfortunately we're unable to bring across a member's registration status into their online communtiy profile during the 'single sign on' data sync when they log in. This is because of the way our current CRM database is formatted. As you may know, the IET is currently undertaking a major project to upgrade it's CRM system. So hopefully, once that is complete, we (the Online Community Team) will be able to take a look at any further opportunities for badging which would include displaying a members Professional Registration status badge. ;)

What about the Registration Badges please.

Thank you.
Have my new badge ... Thanks :)
Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Feb '18
Hi Jon

You posted those replies BEFORE we switched on the activity badges so you'll pop into your correct 'Repliers Badge' level on your very next reply in the forum... ;o)
I can feel my ears burning .... ;)
On this post ... I made 2 replys. Does this not count?
Thanks, Jon
Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Feb '18
Just for clarity the badges are only applicable to activity within our main discussion forum and do not apply to activity within our groups. 

Also, the activity levels for the social sharer badge are set slightly differently to the forum badges so they do not appear after the very first share... ;o)

You'll have to share some more before you get to unlock it to level 1... ;o).
Hi Lisa, Have done both but still locked ....


Lisa Miles Lisa Miles Feb '18
Hi Jonathan

Your badges are in a 'locked' state until you unlock them by performing the necessary activity. So as soon as you reply to a topic in the forum, your 'replier' badge will unlock and you'll get your next badge and the same for when you use the social media widget to share something with your social networks. 

We have made sure that your badge level takes into account your past forum contributions too, so those of you who have been posting in our fourm since the community was launched (back in 2012) will most probably be in one of our upper levels by now and will see your badges appear the very next time you post or share something. 

If anyone has any other questions about the activity badges, please feel free to ask! :o)

Good afternoon,
The new badges are looking good !!

As a matter of interest, what opens the locks on them? My 'replier' and 'social media' badges are still locked.
Regards, Jon