Community Photo Albums Are Now Available!

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Photo Albums
Heads up Community members! 

Our community admins can now create photo albums in their communities to group and collate photos and images. So from now, when you share one of your photos with your group, you can now choose to upload it into any photo albums that are available within your community.

If you take a look at the photo gallery within a community you’ll see a list of available photo albums (if none are listed then contact the community owner or admin and make a request). 
A few things to note when you’re using this new feature:
  • Only community admins can create, edit or delete an album within a group but any member of the community can add a photo to an existing album 
  • If you upload a photo via the community’s main photo gallery you can select any of the available photo albums to upload it to.
  • If you're already viewing an album and you upload an image, you can only upload your image into that specific album
  • You can view your photos via your 'my content' area and see which album they are in.
  • If you want to move a photo you've already uploaded into an album or from one album to another, you can do so by editing the photo and selecting a new album from the drop down menu in the edit window.
  • You can scroll through the photos in an album using the left and right arrows on the images.
As always, we’d love to get your feedback on what you think of this feature and please let us know if you have any questions! 
Posted by Lisa Miles on Nov 1, 2017 3:21 PM Europe/London

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