Bye Bye Paperclip! 4621

Bye Bye Paperclip!


It can’t have escaped your attention that there have been a few changes on our online community over the past week or so…

If you’re keeping up to date with the Community Platform News Blog, you will have read that we recently switched over to a mobile responsive template for our online community which means a much better experience for our mobile device users.
As with the introduction of all new online systems and software, it hasn’t gone without a hitch but thanks to our eagle eyed users (that’s you! smiley) we’ve managed to spot the majority of the design quirks now and are working with the development team at Small World Communities in Texas to sort them out. yes
There are a few new things to look out for as well….
When you’re visiting one of your online communities you’ll notice that we’ve moved the Community Navigation menu from the right hand side so that it now sits beneath the Community’s name and horizontally across the page. You’ll also notice that some of the iconography (the small images used as buttons etc) will also have changed in some areas of the community too.
One to point out (that's catching a few people out) is the new ‘Insert File’ icon in the Rich Text editor when you’re composing a post in the discussion forum. Instead of the old ‘attach file’ paperclip icon, we now have a document icon that aligns with the theme of inserting content rather than attaching it. So we have the usual icons for Insert Picture and Insert Video and we have a new icon alongside for Insert File.


We hope you’re finding it easier to use the community on a smartphone or tablet and as always let us know if you have any problems using it or just need to ask a question about it.
We also have a few new developments up our sleeve for early 2017 so watch out for those coming soon! smiley


Blog Online Community News 22/12/2016 2:02pm GMT