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What Are The Top 5 Groups On This Platform?


We are coming to the end of another very successful IET Communities session. (For those of you who don't yet know, the IET Communities session lasts from October to September).

The 2015/16 session has seen some amazing delegate numbers for events and this platform also gets larger every month. There are now around 46,000 users on the site. Admittedly not all 46,000 are active but we are still seeing around 600 new users per month.

So just to have a bit of fun but also to recognise some of the dedication being displayed by our Community Administrators, we have quickly put together a top 5 list of the most popular groups on this site since 1 October 2015.

And two things to bear in mind before we go into the top 5.

Only those groups that are public have been included in this list.Those that are either hidden or private have not been included for obvious reasons!

The criteria that we have judged the groups on is Page Views.  

Without further ado – here is the top 5 in reverse order…
5. The IET Solent Network is the fifth most popular group. They have a nice smattering of upcoming events and a blog that is posted to every few months. They also have a few discussions that have been viewed many times but without many comments. Engineers of Solent – get those opinions aired!
4. The IET Cambridge Network. Another group with a nice selection of upcoming events, a regular blog and a lot of discussions but with few comments.
3. The IET Surrey Network. A well maintained community that seems to make particular use of the files section to upload posters for upcoming events. A nice touch.
2. The IET London Network. An area where the IET has a high concentration of members so no surprise that the London group is so popular. As well as lots of up to date information, this group’s blog has some very interesting posts. An example is this one that talks about how robots are helping people more.
And. Drum roll…..
1. The IET Hong Kong Network. Wow! Just wow! This group is easily our most popular when it comes to page views. Like Surrey they put a lot of interesting resources in the files area, keep a well maintained community and have a very nice highlights section that summarises their key blogposts. A really excellent result for this network. Please keep it going.
So that’s it. As we said, just a bit of fun but if you live in any of these areas, hopefully you have visited the group and learnt a little bit more.
And if your local area has not been mentioned above, then remember we have a map showing all our active Local Networks with links to the corresponding online community. Please take a look and also watch out for our next blogpost that will highlight the 5 most popular site wide blogs…
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