I Saw This Really Interesting Thing On The IET's online community...!


Do you often read something on the online community and want to share it with your friends on Facebook? Your Twitter followers? Your contacts on LinkedIn or even share it to your own blog?
Have you read a conversation in the Discussion Forum and wished you could let others know about it so they too could get involved in the conversation? 

Have you ever used the Social Sharing icons that you’ll find on the left hand side of this screen right now?  wink
If you use other social media sites, it’s easy to share content from the IET’s online community with your friends and followers there too!
On all shareable pages/content on the online community you will see the share icons for social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc along the left hand side:


If you click one of these icons it will open the ‘share to’ widget for that individual social media site. Note: You may also need to log into your account for that site before you’re able to share content to it.
If your chosen social site is not included in the four icons displayed on the page, simply click on the ‘more’ icon (the orange square with the white cross) and it will open up a further list containing all the most popular sharing platforms. Something to note though, if you’re a prolific user of social media, the four icons on the page should be the four that you, yourself use most regularly as that’s how that particular widget works… very clever indeed!!!.
And here’s a tip for you:
If you link some of your social media platforms together, you will only have to share with one of them for it to cascade out to the others. For example, I have my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts all linked so when I publish an update for my LinkedIn contacts, it also feeds through to Twitter where it will send a tweet for me, then my Facebook account picks up the tweet and shares it on my timeline for my Facebook friends to see as well.
See Adding Twitter to LinkedIn and Using Twitter with Facebook if you’d like to link your social media accounts together too.
So why not find something to share and share it out today!
Blog Online Community News 16/08/2016 10:26am BST