So You Want To Build And Manage Your Own Online Community?


We’ve revamped the process for requesting an online community on the Engineering Communities platform to make it easier for our members to get started in building their own community straight away!

If you’re a member of the IET and would like to manage your own online community visit the Communities Directory where you’ll find a link to get started…
Sorry…! Only current members of the IET are able to request and manage an online community on Engineering Communities.
We’ve included some things you’ll need to consider before you embark on building your community and a downloadable instructions document to help you complete the various sections needed to submit your community for approval.
Please note that by following this process you’re simply submitting details of your online community for approval.  All requests for new online communities are considered by the IET Communities team. Requestors will be sent a notification informing them if their community has been approved or declined within a week of submitting the request.
This process is for requesting an ‘online’ community within the Engineering Communities platform and is not a request to start a new IET Local or Technical Network. If you would like to volunteer and create a Local or Technical Network please see the information available in the Volunteer Gateway or contact
Blog Online Community News 02/08/2016 3:05pm BST