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In keeping with our ethos to continually improve how we serve you on this site, we've decided that on Monday we'll be switching off the mobile version of the Engineering Communties platform.  This is because we've identified that it doesn't work well at all due to it not currently being mobile optimised.  And because it resides on a seperate template from the version you see on a desktop or tablet device, it would be quite labour intensive for both us and our supplier to bring it up to scratch, and maintain it.

But before you worry about being able to use your mobile, the times they are a changin'...

In case you haven't tried accessing the site from a mobile, here is what it currently looks like;


Not great, you may agree.  And we've had comments that the functionality doesn't get much better once you get past the first page and start trying to use the platform.

As of Monday (14th March), once we switch the mobile site off, you will still be able to access the platform from your mobile device. But you will do so on the desktop version, which will look a little something like this (depending on your type of phone)


And as for my Bob Dylan reference?  (No it wasn't just because it's Friday)
Our supplier Small World Labs has an update in the pipeline which will make the site Mobile Responsive.  This means that the site as it is, without needing to maintain a seperate template, will be responsive for optimal viewing and functionality across a wide range of device types and screen sizes.  It'll minimise the need for continuous resizing, panning and scrolling that sometimes can be a bit of a gripe when using a desktop version on a mobile phone.  We're looking forward to that rolling out in the next couple of months, along with other changes and developments on the horizon.

Let us know if you have any comments or feedback, as always they are very welcome.
Posted by Nicole Baines-Knox on Mar 11, 2016 4:05 PM Europe/London

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